Natural beauty of Central Asia in one trip

Enjoy the atmosphere of Asia on this vibrant journey through the lakes and mountains!

Difficulty: medium

Tour program
11 days
Almaty - Charyn canyon - Kolsay&Kaindy lakes - Karakol - Orphan camp - Ala-Kol lake - Keldyke - Altyn-Arashan - Issyk-Kol lake - Bishkek - Ala-Archa gorge - Almaty

Meeting at Almaty Airport. Transfer to the village of Saty. Lunch at the road cafe (paid for by yourself). The road passes through picturesque places. Kapchagai reservoir and steppes of  Kazakhstan with sand dunes. Visit to the  canyon Charyn (if we leave the city of Almaty in the morning). If there is no time, then visit the canyon on “day 2” Accommodation in a guest house. Dinner.




Meals: -/-/D

Minimum altitude: 560 meters
Average altitude: 945 meters
Highest altitude: 1900 meters
Transfer by car: 300 kilometers
Travel time: 7 hours

Breakfast. A trip to Lake Kolsay. Hiking around the lake. (Horse rental, option 30 USD + Horse guide 30 USD). Lunch at the road (paid for by yourself). A trip to Lake Kaindy. Walk around the surroundings. Return to the village of Saty. Accommodation in a guest house. Dinner.





Meals: B/-/D

Minimum altitude: 1450 meters
Average altitude: 1600 meters
Highest altitude: 1900 meters
Distance by walk: 7 kilometers
Transfer by car: 240 kilometers
Travel time: 10 hours

Breakfast. Transfer to Kyrgyzstan across the border of Kegen. Lunch on the road (paid by yourself). Visiting the historic site “Tamerlan Stones” . Visit to the local market. Preparation for trekking. Dinner at the ethno cafe. Overnight in a guest house in the city of Karakol.



Meals: B/-/D

Minimum altitude: 1425 meters
Average altitude: 1822 meters
Highest altitude: 2178 meters
Walking distance: 8 kilometers
Maximum gradient: 15 %
Average gradient: 4 %
Transfer by car: 240 kilometers
Travel time: 7 hours

Early breakfast. Transfer from Karakol city to Karakol gorge to the starting point on the track. The Karakol gorge is located 9 km south of the city. The gorge has a length of 40 km and it is adjacent to the ridge Terskey Ala-Too. A stop for the lunch.
The first overnight stay in the area of the Orphan camp (2800 m). Dinner. Overnight in tents.


Meals: B/L/D


Minimum altitude: 2120 m.
Highest altitude: 2951 m.
Distance: 12 km.
Maximum gradient: 35 %
Average gradient: 10 %

Early breakfast. Distance hike to the lake Ala-Kul (3500 m). The hike takes about 3 hours, from the camp. After a short halt, excessive gradient and talus will be awaiting us to the Ala-Kul pass (3860 m). Lunch. Descent from the pass to the gorge Keldyke. Dinner. Overnight in tents (3200 m).





Meals: B/L/D

Minimum altitude: 2950 m.
Highest altitude: 3860 m.
Distance: 9 km.
Maximum gradient: 47%
Average gradient: 20%

Early breakfast. Descent to the Altyn-Arashan valley, 3 hour walk (Golden Spring). You will have the opportunity to visit the swimming pools with mineral water and take a walk in the surrounding area of Arashan. There are enclosed swimming pools and the hot springs which remain in the open air. Lunch. Accommodation in the Kyrgyz national dwelling “Yurt”. Dinner. Overnight in the yurts (2500 m.).




Meals: B/L/D

Minimum altitude: 2501 m.
Highest altitude: 3207 m.
Distance: 8 km.
Maximum gradient: -37 %
Average gradient: -11 %

Early breakfast. Returning to the city of Karakol. A 4-5h hour hike along Ak-Suu gorge where a car will be awaiting us. Lunch. Return to the city of Karakol.






Meals: B/L/D

Minimum altitude: 1883 m.
Highest altitude: 2552 m.
Distance: 15 km.
Maximum gradient: – 23 %
Average gradient: – 7 %

Breakfast. A trip to the picturesque gorge Jeti-Oguz. Visit to the sanatorium, the waterfall “Nine Braids” and the red rocks “Seven Bulls”. Lunch at the road cafe (paid for by yourself.) A trip to the canyons “Fairy Tale”. Dinner and accommodation in yurts in the ethno complex on the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kol.




Meals: B/-/D

Minimum altitude: 1600 meters
Average altitude: 2000 meters
Highest altitude: 2300 meters
Walking distance: 7 kilometers
Transfer by car: 200 kilometers

Breakfast. Demonstration of falconry (Not include. Option. 100 USD per group). Transfer to the city of Bishkek. On the way we will visit the Orto-Tokoi reservoir and the Burana Tower. Dinner and accommodation in hotel.







Meals: B/-/D

Minimum altitude: 710 meters
Average altitude: 1310meters
Highest altitude: 2160 meters
Transfer by car: 300 kilometers
Travel time: 7 hours

Breakfast. Transfer to the trekking start point. Walking day trip to the Ala-Archa gorge to the Racek camp and back. Return to the hotel. Dinner at the cafe.






Meals: B/-/D

Minimum altitude: 1600 meters
Average altitude: 2730 meters
Highest altitude: 3380 meters
Walking distance: 12 kilometers
Transfer by car: 90 kilometers

Breakfast. Transfer to the Almaty airport. End of program.



Meals: B/-/-

Minimum altitude: 620 meters
Average altitude: 800 meters
Highest altitude: 1250 meters
Transfer by car: 250 kilometers

Clothes and equipment

You can take all necessary things. Please take into consideration that in summer time the temperature in Bishkek city reaches up to 40 oC and in the mountains the temperature decreases to 10 oC. Be prepared for unexpected changes of the weather.

Recommended: rain-coat, sweater/fleece, wind-stopper, enough t-shirts and other underwear (think of taking smth with long sleeves to avoid sunburns), hat (remember – the sun can be violent), sun-screen cream (30 or higher), insect repellent (skin + clothes), good trekking boots for easy hikes in the mountains, walking shoes (don’t need heavy ones) for the city walks, flash light (torch).

Personal first aid kit (most likely problems: blisters, sunburns, allergy, diarrhoea, sore muscles after hikes. Take painkillers, anti-histaminic, antibiotics of general action, and anything you need for your usual medical conditions), personal hygiene kit (disinfection gel is highly recommended) + some toilet paper.

Tour prices
Private tour for one person
2800 USD
Group of 2 people
3600 USD
(1800 USD per one person)
Group of 3 people
4200 USD
(1400 USD per one person)
Group of 4 people
4800 USD
(1200 USD per one person)
If there are more than 4 participants in your group, please contact us for pricing this tour.
Accommodation for the entire program
Transfer for the entire program
Transfer to the starting point of the track
Meals during track and accommodations
Taxes and duties
Hot springs (fee to the pool)
Cook during the track
Sleeping mat
Porters (for equipment) during the track
Does not include
Meals during transfer
Sleeping bag
Bag pack
Porter (for personal luggage 20 kg.) 25 USD per day
Accommodation at the hotel in Almaty
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